Experience the ultimate sugar rush with Home2 Suites' Peeps Sweet Suite 

Discover a colorful, Peeps-inspired culinary experience right from the comfort of your suite. 🧁🌈 

A Taste of Luxury

Relax in our spacious suites featuring a kitchen, comfortable living areas, and our signature working wall. 🛋️🏠 

Suite Comfort

Enjoy luxury that cares for the planet, with sustainably-sourced furniture designed for comfort. ♻️🛏️ 

Sustainable Opulence

Step out to explore the local flavors of Easton's dining scene and shop for treasures in nearby boutiques. 🍴🛍️ 

Exploring Easton

Enhance your stay with visits to the colorful Crayola Experience or the serene Sayre Mansion gardens. 🎨🌳 

Nearby Attraction

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